Monday, September 18, 2017

Airports checking: CISF proposes to do away with boarding pass

New Delhi:  After doing away with hand baggage tags at over a dozen airports, aviation security agencies are now planning to dump the boarding pass collection system and begin a regime of 'express check-in' aided by biometrics for smooth air travel.
The chief of the country's airport security force — the CISF — told PTI in an interview that they have begun "exploring" the technology that is required to usher in the boarding card-less system of air travel at the 59 airports that it guards at present and at the rest of such civil facilities that are going to come under its umbrella as part of a "unified command" in the future.
"We are working on two projects. The first is how to introduce integrated security solutions at airports. You need to connect all dots that exist within the security establishment. You have so many strategies to do have the biometrics, video analytics and a very robust access control system.
"We will try to interconnect all these things in a very integrated fashion," CISF Director General OP Singh told the news agency.
17/09/17 PTI/Times of India