Monday, September 18, 2017

At Rs 1,000 extra, IndiGo will let you take an early flight if you've reached airport before time

IndiGo has introduced ‘IndiGo Early’, a new offer that allows passengers to prepone their flights. The Gurgaon-based carrier group will now allow passengers who reach early at airports to reschedule their travel to an earlier flight for just Rs 1000.

As per IndiGo's website, the offer will be available to domestic fliers who want to prepone their journey by up to four hours. The offer will be available only to those passengers who are physically present at the airport.

The offer will allow the passenger to prepone to another flight whose time schedule is not more than four hours earlier than the booked flight. As per the website, this means that “….if the original flight booked is at 1600 hours, then this flight can be preponed to a flight which is departing at or after 1200 hrs. The basis to calculate the difference of four hours has to be between the departure time of the original flight and the desired flight and not on the basis of the passenger reporting time.”
There are also several other conditions that apply to the offer. The scheme will apply only when preponing the flight and not when postponing it. The service will not be applicable on international flights, whether in isolation or in connection to a domestic flight. It will also not be applied to tickets booked under group fares.

Similarly, unaccompanied minors are not allowed to avail the scheme unless the request is made at the origin station by their parents or guardians.
18/09/17 Moneycontrol