Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Aviation experts suggest components storage facility at Lohegaon airport

Pune: Flight delays caused by a sudden malfunction of a component have brought to fore the need for carriers to stock critical spares at the airport, aviation experts and analysts said.
Sources in different airlines operating from Pune said bigger centres like Mumbai, Delhi have such stores and with the expansion of the Pune airport a similar arrangement can be expected.
"Flights have been delayed due to technical glitches.In Pune, the current space doesn't allow for creation of proper stores in which some basic spare parts can be kept.However, with the airport expanding and plans to increase the size of the apron area on the anvil in addition to the construction of a new terminal building, provisions for the same might be made in the future," an airline official told TOI.
When contacted, Pune airport director Ajay Kumar said, "Aircraft maintenance is not dependent on spare space. One should contact the airlines," he replied in a WhatsApp message. Aviation expert Dhairyhil Vandekar, who has ser ashil Vandekar, who has served as the station manager of Air India in Pune airport, said he had raised the issue long ago and contacted Pune MP Anil Shirole about it.
19/09/17 Joy Sengupta/Times of India