Thursday, September 28, 2017

Aviation ministry seeks 156 acre additional land near Bihta airbase

Patna: Union civil aviation ministry has sought 156 acre additional land from Bihar government at Bihta airbase for installing Instrument Landing System of Category-II (ILS CAT-II) for safe and smooth flight operations. Civil aviation secretary R N Choubey has written a letter to Bihar government on August 30 in this regard.
As per in-principle agreement with civil aviation ministry, state government is already committed to handing over 108 acre land to Airports Authority of India (AAI) for construction of a civil enclave at Bihta airbase for commercial flight operations.
The ILS helps pilots at the time of landing in identifying the position of the runway concerned. The ILS at Jayaprakash Narayan airport in Patna is of Category-1, which allows flight operations with minimum visibility of 1200 metres. The ILS CAT- II on the other hand allows flight operations even when visibility is as low as 350m.
28/09/17 Times of India