Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Bengaluru startup Eflight strikes gold by managing flight plans of the rich and famous

They say money comes to those who happen to observe the world go by and quietly notice opportunities that can become big businesses. This was what 42-year-old Prem Kumar did for over a decade at HAL Airport in Bengaluru. His job as air traffic controller led him to observe 36,000 hours of private flights (jets, pre-cooled jets, and turbine-powered ones) landing in the IT City. He observed the rich, the powerful and the famous land and get into their fancy sedans and become a part of the hustle-bustle of Bengaluru.
And that gave wings to his entrepreneurial aspirations.

The job of a pilot of a private jet, unlike one in a commercial aircraft, is never ending. S/he must manage agents who get permissions to land/fly, garner military clearances, ensure payment of dues in an airport, give notice to airmen at the destination, plan routes, plan hotels for the crew, and finally arrange transportation to the hotel.
What if all these tasks and duties could come together in one single app and make the pilot the king of the sky? That is what Prem Kumar and war veteran Captain AK Sachdev (retired) have brought on board with their company EFlight.
The private plane flight planning industry has till now been dominated by Honeywell, Rocket Routes, Nav Blue and Skyplan. All these companies charge Indian entrepreneurs a global corporate plan; none of them have an India-only plan. Since only 30 percent of privately owned aircraft fly overseas from India, the remaining entrepreneurs have no way of buying plans from these global companies.
13/09/17 Vishal Krishna/Yourstory