Wednesday, September 20, 2017

‘Bomb’ in phone turns out to be power bank at Mangaluru airport

Mangaluru: A 26​-year-old youth ​went through a three-hour ordeal on Tuesday night after he was detained on suspicion of conducting a ​“terror dry run​” at Mangalore International Airport (MIA)​.

He was found with what was suspected to be bomb-making material in his phone. The object turned out to be an innocuous power bank.
​The youth Mansoor was later released without any charges being pressed against him on Tuesday night.​
According to senior aviation officials and CISF personnel​, Mansoor ​had booked a ticket from Mangaluru to Bengaluru on Indigo flight 6E 877 on Tuesday ​scheduled for 10 pm. ​He was to ​take an early morning flight from Bengaluru to Dubai on ​Indigo flight 6E 95​, scheduled to take off at 7.20 am.
​Mansoor’s nightmare beg​an when a staff screening baggage at MIA reported a suspicious object in the Dubai-bound passenger’s check-in baggage. Within minutes after the detection of suspicious object​,​​ there was media buzz with TV channels flashing of a foiled terror run at MIA.
Sources told Express that after the cell ​ ​phone’s power bank was physically removed, they found nothing suspicious​ about it​.
“In fact we have reasons to believe that Mansoor was cheated by a friend, who sold him a power bank ​that  was not genuine,’’ sources added.
The youth’s ordeal ​ finally​ ended with him being declared​​ as innocent and Indigo airlines coming forward to arrange his trip to Dubai. “One individual’s suspicion triggered a high drama at the airport. Anyway the safety aspect has been taken care of,’’ ​a senior aviation official informed.
20/09/17 Harsha/New Indian Express