Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Centre asks Gujarat institute to make 6 airport development projects on land pooling basis

New Delhi: In a bid to cross land acquisition hurdles, the aviation ministry has asked a leading Gujarat institute to develop airport development projects based on the concept of land pooling.
Aviation secretary R N Choubey said Ahmedabad-based Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT) has been asked to submit development model for six airports — three brownfield (expanding existing ones) and as many Greenfield ones (new airports) — on a trial basis.
The concept is that land owners will give, or pool in, much more land than required for the airport. "Infrastructure will be developed on that entire area and then land owners will be given smaller plots of the developed area whose value will be much more than that of their previous undeveloped land holding," said Choubey.
For instance, if land required for an airport is 2,000 acres, states will take 5,000 acres of land from owners through land-pooling models already adopted in states like Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra. "Infrastructure like roads, electricity, sewerage and water supply will then be developed in the entire 5,000 acres. 2,000 acres will be kept for the airport and plots of the remaining 3,000 acres will be distributed among the land holders who had given 5,000 acres. The value of the small developed plots will be much higher than the original value of their larger land holding before the infrastructure was provided," said a senior official.
Land acquisition is a major bottleneck in infra development and the concept of land pooling is believed to be the solution to that as per Gujarat-Maharashtra model. Under this people giving land for public projects like airports will not be divested of ownership. States governments, instead of buying land, will develop infrastructure in a much larger area around the site of the proposed airport.
27/09/17 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India