Friday, September 01, 2017

CISF launches maiden workshop to deal with autistic flyers

New Delhi: A first-ever workshop, which aims to provide special care training to the airport-guarding CISF personnel in handling passengers suffering from autism, was inaugurated here today.
The day-long session is being held for jawans and junior ranking officers who “screen” and frisk travellers before they board aircraft in Delhi. Staffers from the customs and the immigration departments who are deployed at the Indira Gandhi International (IGIA) airport also attended the workshop.
CISF Director General (DG) O P Singh, who inaugurated the workshop, said the aim was to make air travel for autistic passengers hassle-free and respectable.
“I firmly believe that each passenger who travels through an airport guarded by us is our responsibility. If they are not satisfied with our service, then it is our failure.