Saturday, September 16, 2017

CMD Orders Probe Into Air India Post-Retirement Irregularities

Days after New World India (NWI) exposed the irregularities going on in the contract recruitment of Air India officials post-retirement, there have been some development in the incident.

Informed sources at Air India has said that actions will be taken against these irregularities within a week. The source added that CMD Rajiv Bansal was personally looking over the entire incident.

Earlier, GM Personnel Ajay Prakash has issued a mail to Air India and all its associated companies. It said that the companies are to submit a list of all officials working in Air India, who were hired through associate companies. The mail added that the list will be personally inspected by the CMD.
On September 13, News World India had exposed the irregularities in the post-retirement engagement of employees. There are some questions arising despite this circular.
16/09/17 Pranajali Singh/News World India