Friday, September 08, 2017

Devs aviation-themed film Cockpit filmed in real locations

Kolkata: Actor-producer Dev said his upcoming film "Cockpit", the first Bengali movie on aircraft mishap and its aftermath, has been shot in real locations.
"I think a film like Cockpit has seldom been made in our country before. It is a film in which issues like safe landing, turbulence during flight and runway overshoot of the aircraft have been referred to. It has never been done before. We also filmed a particular scene in air with the permission from the concerned authorities," Dev told PTI here.
In the film, Dev, who has also produced it, plays a pilot. He said before shooting the film, he and his team discussed the story with everyone concerned including Air India personnels, ATC, airport authorities, DGCA, flight attendants and flight engineers.
"We heard their personal accounts to use in the story, to make it as realistic as possible."
"Cockpit", the second film by Devs production house Dev Entertainment after "Champ", has been helmed by acclaimed director Kamaleswar Mukherjee, who previously directed the actor in "Chander Pahar" and its sequel "Amazon Obhijaan."
"Kamal da loves to take up larger-than-life subjects. This was seen in Chander Pahar and now in Cockpit. He did not back out from working on such a subject.
"Working on such a topic requires long hours of study and we had researched for six months. I am not sure if any other director has such perseverance and patience," he said.
Dev said when the director narrated him the film, he immediately agreed to do it.
08/09/17 PTI/India Today