Friday, September 15, 2017

Fire evacuation at airport, none hurt

Kolkata: A fire in the international wing of Kolkata airport triggered the fire alarm, which spread panic among passengers on Thursday evening.
The electrical fire in the UPS room near a departure gate generated large amount of smoke filling the departure lobby .No one was injured.
Ssources said, around 22 Dhaka-bound passengers waiting in the international departure terminal were alerted by an acrid burning smell. Soon, wisps of smoke were seen escaping from under a door next to departure gate No. 12. Shortly thereafter, the fire alarm began to ring, confirming the suspicion that there was a fire somewhere behind the door.
The door in question led to the UPS room that powered various systems in that section of the airport. "When the airport staff opened the door, thick smoke escaped through it and filled the entire international security hold area. For a while, it reduced visibility and it became difficult for us to breathe," a passenger in the terminal said. Some of the people present there panicked and ran helterskelter fearing they would be trapped in a smoke-filled steel and glass building. However, effective handling of the situation by airport staff prevented the situation from escalating into anything dangerous.
15/09/17 Times of India