Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Flight lands after tail fire warning

A flight that had to be grounded after it was hit by a stray buffalo at Surat airport in November 2014, the same flight had to make an emergency landing at Ahmedabad airport after the pilot noticed the tail light warning. The Surat- Delhi flight was discontinued after the buffalo incident. The same route was re-started in March 2017. SpiceJet flight from Surat to Delhi with 140 passengers on board came to halt after it had hit a buffalo that had strayed on to the runway because of a hole in the airport’s boundary wall in November 2014. The aircraft was grounded and airline discontinued service till March 2017 for the same route. SpiceJet re-started the Surat-Delhi route on March 26, 2017 after seeing heavy demand for the route.
On Tuesday, the flight developed some technical issue and landed at Ahmedabad airport. Airport Director Manoj Gangal confirmed the incident and said, “Our priority is flight safety and the flight landed safely at city airport.” The flight was carrying 158 passengers and 6 crew members. Ac-cording to sources with the flight operation, “The flight took off on time and soon after informed Ahmedabad airport for landing permission as pilots noticed some technical glitch and it was allowed to land on priority at 11.43am.” The flight requested for diversion to Ahmedabad at 11.43am soon after noticing that the tail fire warning light was on.
20/09/17 Alok Brahmbhat/Ahmedabad Mirror