Friday, September 15, 2017

Flight to city diverted over 'bad weather' that was not

An Indigo airlines flight from Pune to Bengaluru which was scheduled to land at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) in the wee hours of Thursday was diverted to Chennai much to the surprise of the passengers on board the aircraft. Indigo flight 6E221 which departed from Pune at 12 midnight was scheduled to land at KIA at 1.15 am.

At around 1 am, passengers on board the aircraft were informed by the crew that the flight was diverted to Chennai as the weather conditions at KIA were not conducive for landing.

According to, an online portal that tracks flight movement, apart from Flight 6E221, all other flights that were scheduled to land at KIA between during midnight – including Indigo flights from other destinations – landed on time at the airport and none were diverted.

“We were told that, due to heavy rain and a thunderstorm in Bengaluru, the flight would be diverted to Chennai. We landed at Chennai airport at 1.50 am and were informed that it was raining in Bengaluru and that the flight would depart at 3.20 am,” Sharan Maras, a city-based businessman who was on board the flight, told Mirror.
Maras’s parents, who were at KIA to receive him, had told him over phone that there was no rain at the time the flight was scheduled to land.
15/09/17 Hemanth C S/Bangalore Mirror