Sunday, September 10, 2017

India's First No-Fly List For Domestic Passengers: What You Must Know

Aimed at making Air Travel safe for commuters as well as airlines staff and keeping a check on disruptive behavior mid-air, Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju announced India's First National No Fly List for domestic passengers.

This No-Fly list ban is applicable to all Indian flight operators engaged in scheduled and non-scheduled air services in India. The new set of flying rules clearly demarcates offences in to three degrees and here is the barring pertaining to the same:

Upto 3 Months Bar – for Level 1 Defaulters liable for unruly verbal behavior

Upto 6 Months Bar – for Level 2 Defaulters liable for rowdy physical behavior

Minimum 2 Years or more – for Level 3 Defaulters liable for life-threatening behavior including safety of the aircraft.

Not just the ban above, any consequential penalty/punishment arising from the situation as per the current laws will be applicable to the individual. Therefore the ban comes as an addition to the existing laws of the country. "The No-Fly ban will be in addition to any statutory legal action that can be taken against the offender under existing laws" read a tweet on the same by the minister.
As per the No-Fly list rules, any dispute needs to be handled by an independent committee headed by a retired district and sessions judge. "Decision will be taken by an independent committee under a retired District Judge within a period of 30 days of alleged offence." tweeted Ashok Raju.
As far as making the No-Fly List is concerned, the responsibility will lie with the airlines. However, a passenger banned by one airline may travel on another carrier if allowed by the latter. Also, all airlines also need to set up an internal committee headed by a retired district and sessions judge. The committee may comprise of members of passenger associations, consumer associations, retired officials of Dispute Redressal Forum or even from other scheduled airlines.
09/09/17 News18