Saturday, September 09, 2017

No-fly list: Fliers welcome norms

Passengers have welcomed norms to create a no-fly list announced by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. The rules will help ensure safety and check unruly behaviour on aircraft, they claimed. “It is a welcome move. It safeguards the interests of passengers and crew. The norms would enable airlines to take strict action against erring individuals, which can be a lesson to others,” Satyen Mehta, an entrepreneur based in King Circle said.
The norms call for an internal committee to be set up by the airline after detaining an unruly passenger. The committee is mandated to decide the matter in 30 days, along with duration of ban on the passenger.
“As there is an option available with passengers to prove their innocence in front of the committee, the airlines will have no power to misuse it. An airline will only identify someone in the list as a last resort as they may not want to benefit another airline,” Shalim Jain, a marketing firm owner from Kandivali, said.
09/09/17 Neha Kulkarni/Indian Express