Sunday, September 24, 2017

No parking space: Chennai airport loses out

Chennai: Chennai may get more flights to smaller towns as ministry of civil aviation is planning to push its regional connectivity scheme in the coming months but passengers may not get early morning schedules as there is no space to park planes overnight.
The airport will miss out in capitalising on regional connectivity as space constraints prevent it from alloting parking bays and peak hour slots for flights.
Airlines will be basing their operations out of Hyderabad or Bengaluru, the airports that offer better parking bays. The flights will land at Chennai in the morning to connect smaller towns under the Udan scheme. In the case of Chennai-Mysuru flight, that was launched on Wednesday, the Trujet flight arrives from Hyderabad as a Hyderabad-Chennai service and then flies to Mysuru at 5.40pm.
Chennai to Salem and Kadapa flights will be launched in a month and later to Hosur as routes to these airlines were listed under the round one of the bidding. Trujet is planning to start daily services to Salem and Kadapa in the first week of November.
As night parking was a problem, Airports Authority of India (AAI) created some remote parking bays in the space between the main runway and the second runway. However, most airlines do not prefer to use these bays because it is a hassle to bring the planes from the bays to the terminal for departure. The planes that are parked here have to wait to cross the main runway to taxi to the terminal or ba ay closer to the terminal so that passengers can board.
23/09/17 Times of India