Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pune airport no easy getaway for smugglers, security staff on alert

Pune:  Sly smugglers looking to sneak in items, especially gold, into the country via the Pune airport need a reality check.
"The lesser number of international flights arriving and leaving the Pune airport does not make it an easy option for smugglers. On the contrary, officials here are more alert since they have fewer passengers to handle on daily basis when compared to airports in other cities like Mumbai," customs officials at the Pune airport said.
And this fact is substantiated by the recent arrests of several people trying to smuggle in gold or foreign currency via the Pune airport.
On September 10, a flyer and his accomplice were nabbed at the airport for sneaking in over 3kg gold worth Rs 1.06 crore. On August 18, gold worth Rs 1.38 crore was seized from four Mumbai-based persons who had arrived at the Pune airport from Abu Dhabi. Before that, two persons, including a woman, were apprehended at the airport for allegedly trying to smuggle out foreign currency worth Rs 1.29 crore by concealing them in hot cases containing 'upma'.
13/09/17 Joy Sengupta/Times of India