Sunday, September 17, 2017

Rs 41.7L worth foreign currency seized at airport in 8 cases

Chennai: Customs officials at Chennai International Airport busted eight cases of foreign currency smuggling in the last week.
The total value of the currency seized is Rs 41.7 lakh in US dollar, pounds, Thai Baht, Saudi riyals and Sri Lankan rupees. All eight are believed to be carriers who were in possession of the cash as part of a Hawala transaction and to buy goods like gold and electronics which would be brought back to India and sold.
Interestingly, seven of the carriers were bound for Colombo via Sri Lankan airlines, while the other one was going to Kuala Lumpur by Batik Air on Tuesday. Three of them were carrying cash in their rectum.
On Monday, four such people were caught by Customs. Mohammed Kani was carrying 3,000 US dollars, 2,500 pounds and 12,760 Thai Baht equivalent to Rs 4.19 lakh in his hand baggage, bound for Colombo. Another passenger, Mannavan Sannasi, bound by the same flight, was carrying assorted foreign currencies worth Rs 4.27 lakh in used clothes inside hand baggage and was apprehended.
In the third case, 9,000 US dollars worth Rs 5.7 lakh was seized from Ramanthan Subramaniyam bound for Colombo. He hid the cash in the pocket of his pants. Euros worth Rs 4.2 lakh was seized from the hand baggage of Rasool Kareem who was also going to Colombo.
On Tuesday, 5,000 Euros worth Rs 3.7 lakh was seized from Ashik Ali bound for Kuala Lumpur.
On Wednesday, currency worth Rs 11.39 lakh was recovered from the rectum and wallet of Sahabteen bound for Colombo.
On Friday, two carriers named Ameer Khan and Faisul Khan, who were carrying 50,000 Saudi Riyals equivalent to Rs 8.27 lakh in their rectum and travelling to Colombo, were caught.
17/09/17 Times of India