Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Security scare at Palam airport

New Delhi: Security at the Palam airport, a high-security zone, went for a toss when a pilot of an aircraft complained of being distracted by a green coloured laser beam when he was in the process of landing the Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft.

According to wing commander Ravi Abraham, the pilot of the aircraft from Chandigarh to Delhi, the IAF aircraft was carrying sophisticated equipment. He immediately complained to the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) that a beam was flashed for 10 to 15 seconds, which had distracted him.

The complaint was quickly circulated to the concerned agencies, who swung into action to find out the source of the laser light.

The pilot stated that the incident took place when the flight no AF-441 was about to land and reached a distance of 3.8 nautical miles before the runway no. 27 around 8.33 pm. Such incidents, if not checked, could lead to dangerous situations, resulting in endangering the safety and security of passenger/crew and the aircraft as well.

Talking to this newspaper, he said: “It was a routine flight and there was some sophisticated equipment in the flight. Such distractions could be dangerous; an unwanted situation can take place in such times.”
19/09/17 Sunil Thapliyal/Asian Age