Monday, September 18, 2017

Tracing India's aviation history

The first aviation museum of our country is in Bengaluru. It is not only a fact to be proud about but the destination is also a must-see for all Bengalureans. The HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum is entertaining, real and educative.
The museum inspires the younger generation to choose aviation as a career. Here they can learn about the basic principles involved in flying and also the history of navigation — from the days when there was no ground-based navigation for airplanes, to the present system in which automated instrument landing is used. One can also get an insight into the technology of aircraft manufacturing and maintenance and how it evolved over the last seven decades.
From gliders to supersonic jets, and from planes made of cloth to modern composites, the saga of transportation in space is brought alive through real aircraft, a breathtaking collection of photographs and models. It is an outstanding contribution to the rich scientific and cultural heritage of Bengaluru by HAL, one of the leading aerospace companies in Asia. The entire project is the brainchild of Padmashri Dr CG Krishnadas Nair, who was the chairman of HAL from August 1, 1997 to August 31, 2001.
Under his guidance, the heritage centre was brought to life by managing director Biharilal and executive director B Chatterjee.
18/09/17 Bangalore Mirror