Friday, September 08, 2017

Two foreign nationals held at IGIA with fake E-tickets

New Delhi: Two foreign nationals, Belgian and Serbian, were held at the IGI Airport with fake e-tickets in order to see off their relative and girlfriend this week. Belgian national Gauter Heins had entered terminal 3 in order to see off his girlfriend while Siberian national Milicia Milosevic had entered the terminal with a fake ticket in order to see off her aunt.

A senior CISF official said Heins entered the Terminal 3 of the airport with an invalid ticket dated August 31 from Delhi to Bah to accompany his girlfriend Lalane Clara up to the check-in counter.

“After sometime a duty personnel found it suspicious when he noticed Heins wandering in the check in hall area. Heins was then escorted to a room for questioning where he confessed to have entered the airport with an invalid e-ticket to see off his girlfriend,” said the official.

Heins was then handed over to Delhi Police personnel, who took him to the IGIA police station and arrested him after registering a case under Sections 417 (Punishment for cheating), 447 (punishment for criminal trespass), 465(punishment for forgery) and 471 (using as genuine a forged document or electronic record) of the Indian Penal Code.

Similarly, Serbian national Milicia Milosevic entered T3 terminal with an invalid ticket and was spotted roaming around in the check-in-area.

“When she was interrogated, she said that she had entered the terminal with the invalid ticket in order to see off her aunt Dukic Jelica who was to fly to Moscow,” said a police official.
08/09/17 Souvik Mitra/Pioneer