Sunday, September 17, 2017

Two Tibetans held at Mumbai airport while trying to flee to France on fake passports

Sahar Police have arrested two Tibetan nationals for forging their passport and trying to illegally flee to France by taking an international flight with the help of agents present at the Mumbai International Airport.
The two arrested Tibetan nationals Kunchok Vangduye, 39 and Tysiring Dolkar, 32 forged Malaysian passport to travel abroad.
According to police, on August 28, 2017, the two accused were travelling to Ahmedabad as per their boarding passes but instead they boarded international flight to France with the help of three absconding agents Sonam Yolamu, Jab Hong Hing and Hiew Yen Peng.
The accused however could not take the flight as they were caught by the airport officials and given to Sahar police. After arrest, the two accused revealed their plan to the cops.
17/09/17 Mid Day