Sunday, October 08, 2017

Aditya Narayan apologises for misbehaving with airline staff on national television?

Last week, Aditya Narayan made headlines for his ugly spat with airline officials at the Raipur airport, after being stopped for carrying excess luggage. A video of the actor-singer threatening and abusing the staff went viral and his father, Udit Narayan tried to do some damage control by saying that this was a one-off case and that Aditya has been well-behaved since childhood.
Udit said in another interview that he would make his son issue a public apology. And it looks like he has stayed true to his word. According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, Aditya apologised on national television.
The apology was issued during the latest episode of a reality show hosted by Aditya. "I am very, very sorry. I am extremely sorry. Aap shayad jaante hain ki main aisa nahi hoon. And India, thank you so much for the support over the years," he said on the show, if a source is to be believed.
Samrudhi Ghosh/