Monday, October 09, 2017

Big relief at Delhi airport for passengers; see how your trip will soon become that bit easier

New Delhi: Come November, passengers will get an option to go through a full body scanner at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The body scanner will be introduced for the third trial run by the Bureau Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), according to Hindustan Times report. In December last year, the body scanner was introduced for the second trail run. Earlier, the CISF, the central agency in charge of security of the airport, raised concern over the scanners as it was not able to adapt to the Indian style of dressing. Moreover, it gave false alarm when women wearing a sari through it, as per HT report.
A BCAS official said the manufacturers have been asked to tweak the specifications of the machine as per the Indian standards. The CISF will again conduct the trial and give their feedback, the report said. The machine failed to detect a wallet, a pen and a handkerchief in 10,000 scans that were conducted during the last trail run. 30 per cent of the trail run was conducted on women, as per HT.
CISF DG OP Singh told HT that it is important to have a body scanner but with the right technology. Therefore, different machines are tried before finalising the best one, he added. Following objections raised by the passengers over X-ray images, the manufacturers have also been asked to configure the machine in such a way that it doesn’t reveal the body parts, the BCAS has said. The machine scans a person in few seconds. A passenger needs to stand in a stationary position at the designated spot inside a box. The machine is connected to a monitor and it is analysed by a trained CISF personnel, as per India Today.
09/10/17 Financial Express