Sunday, October 01, 2017

Cross runway ops by December-end, flights to be on time

Chennai: In a bid to expand the flight-handling capacity of Chennai airport, Airports Authority of India (AAI) is planning to re-introduce simultaneous use of the main runway and the second runway, or cross-runway operation, by December. Once complete, the project, the second attempt after 10 years, will ensure that flights arrive and take off on schedule.
A senior AAI official said "air traffic controllers have been trained in simulator on the procedure for routing flights on second runway and the main runway simulteneously. We are ready to start cross-runway operations by end of December. Airlines have been informed about our prepardness. The idea is to use the second runway for take-offs as it will help the airport to handle more flights during peak hours."
AAI general manager (air traffic management) Pradeep Kandoth said cross runway operation was one of the measures being introduced as part of the capacity enhancement plan in addition to the angular taxiway which was commissioned and bifurcation of upper air space over Chennai and Bengaluru.
By tweaking the landing and take-off procedures, the airport was able to boost the aircraft handling capacity from 36 flights per hour to 40 flights per hour. "Cross-runway operations will help us to boost the numbers further. Some 70-seater ATR aircraft can be allowed to take off from the second runway which is already being used for landing."
01/10/17 Times of India