Monday, October 09, 2017

Rain-created pothole on taxiway delays flights at Mum airport

Mumbai: Heavy rains affected the flight operations at the Mumbai airport today, second time in less than a month, causing delays.

According to sources, rains had led to a pothole on one of the taxiways, forcing the airport authorities to shut the main runway and resulting in delays in aircraft movement.

This was the second time in less than a month that the Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL), the GVK-led joint venture airport company, had to shut the main runway, 009/27, for operations.

The runway remained out of use for over three hours this morning following which the operations were shifted to the capacity-constrained secondary runway -- 14/32.

"As a result, both arrivals and departures were affected with the incoming flights reporting an average delay of two hours, while departures getting delayed by almost an hour till the afternoon," a source said.

However, a spokesperson of the MIAL said the runway closure resulted in a delay of "half-an-hour".

Confirming the development of the pothole on a taxiway due to rains, the spokesperson said the main runway was shut for operations at 6 am and the services could be resumed only at 10 am after the problem was fixed.

"Runway 009/27 was not available from 6 am due to a pothole between the N1 and N3 runways. Due to the repair work on the taxiway, the secondary runway was put into operations," the spokesperson added.
08/10/17 Outlook India