Monday, October 30, 2017

Unaware of shift, flyers reach wrong terminal

New Delhi: Unaware of GoAir shifting its operations from Terminal-1 to Terminal-2 from Sunday, many flyers ended up at the wrong terminal on Monday. They were then rushed to T2 through a bus service.
Sources said nearly 300 passengers were ferried from T1 to T2 on Sunday — the first day of GoAir departures from the terminal. On Monday, about 80 passengers were rushed to T2 by the evening. A shuttle bus service has been arranged by the airport operators that is available in every five minutes at T2. DIAL is also running a social media campaign, #T2Reopens, and the same information is being flashed on screens at the new terminal too. "Adequate signage has been placed in and around the airport and the fliers are being informed as well. The number of people turning up at the wrong terminal reduced on Monday. DIAL and GoAir officials will be available for anyone who reached T1 by mistake...and there a shuttle bus service is also available," said a source.
A senior CISF official said that many confused flyers were guided to the right terminal. "Operations are functioning smoothly. Some passengers came to T1 by mistake as they did not know about the shift. However, they were all guided to the other terminal in time," he said.
While GoAir has shifted its operations to T2 completely, both SpiceJet and IndiGo are yet to decide on the shift. DIAL had proposed both airlines to shift a part of their operations to help in expanding T1 - for which work has been stalled temporarily. T2 will continue to function as a domestic airport till T1's capacity is doubled to nearly 4 crore passengers every year by 2021, the targeted deadline.
30/10/17 Times of India