Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Who is Birju Kishore Salla, the millionaire jewellery scion who planted a hijack letter in a Jet Airways flight

Mumbai Police has arrested Birju Kishore Salla – a jeweller who allegedly planted a note about hijackers and a bomb in the toilet of a Mumbai-Delhi Jet Airways flight. A police official said that Salla has been booked under stringent Anti-Hijacking Act. He also revealed that this is the first arrest under the Act which came into force in July 2017. In startling revelation, police said that the accused had planted the note with an intention to shut down Jet Airways. The reason behind that was that his girlfriend, who is working in the Delhi-based office of the airline, would leave her job and come to stay with him in Mumbai, PTI reported quoting police.
Salla is said to be a multi-millionaire jeweller having a flat in a posh locality of Mumbai. He is originally from Dedan village of Amreli district, the police official revealed. A Times of India report says that Salla, 37, belongs to the Parajiya Soni community of goldsmiths and hails from Gujarat’s Amreli district. Salla’s father, Kishorebhai, is a noted businessman and owner of a family run company which has its headquarters at Zaveri Bazaar. They own two flats on the 15th floor of Shreepati Arcade. The report also says that he runs a number of businesses including property and bullion businesses, and even selling khakhras – a Gujarati snack. Salla can be seen posing with celebrities in a number of social media posts. Some of the pictures of the internet also caption him as a trustee of the Bright Start Fellowship International School which is near August Kranti Maidan in Mumbai.
Salla has a great reputation among the Jeweller community of Mumbai and amongst his neighbours too. People who are known to the bussinessman have expressed their shock over the news, with some of them claiming that it could be a big misunderstanding. Police, on the other hand, is probing a terror angle in the issue.
31/11/17 Financial Express