Thursday, October 26, 2017

Winter is coming: Three new flights for Pink City

Jaipur: In the next four days, flight schedule at all the airports across country would be changed. Jaipur airport administration was expecting more than a dozen flights during the winter schedule but only three new flights would begin here while one flight of Chandigarh is going to be closed. Jaipur airport authorities had claimed that 13 new flights would augur from Jaipur in the winter schedule beginning October 29. Different airlines had filed schedules for new flights but they have shelved their proposals.
Jaipur airport director Jaideep Singh Balhara had said that during winter, flights frequency would increase and new cities will be linked with air connectivity. Indigo had proposed maximum seven new flights as per its scheduled filed with the DGCA. It has not refused to launch even a single flight. Indigo is currently operating 17 flights from Jaipur.

Only Spicejet is launching three new flights while closing one. The number of flights from Jaipur would increase to 63 from the current 61. Spicejet is operating Jaipur to Jammu flight via Chandigarh, which will be closed. Thereafter, Jaipur will have no direct flight to Jammu while for Chandigarh, there will be just one flight from Jet Airways.

The reason for lack of interest by airlines to launch new flights from Jaipur is increasing number of passengers and inconvenient schedule. Most airlines want peak morning and evening hours for their flights but there are already many flights operating during those hours making it difficult to adjust new flights. Airport authority is providing either noon or late night time slots, which is financially not feasible for the airlines hence they took back their proposals.
26/10/17 Kashi Ram Chowdhary/DNA