Sunday, November 12, 2017

8 helipads planned in city to airlift patients, ferry VVIPs

Bengaluru: Eight helipads for as many BBMP zones in the city. That’s the grand plan of the Mayor, R Sampath Raj, to rescue all those patients trapped in ambulances stuck in the city’s notorious traffic jams.
If he has his way, these pillar-top helipads on 40X60 sites will finally help air ambulances take off in the city. And yes, help ease VIP movements.
Here’s the mayor’s rationale, explained to DH: “Every day, I see many ambulances in the city stuck in traffic unable to reach the hospital on time. Hence, I have proposed to have helipads in the eight zones of the city. Patients can then be taken to the hospital immediately by air ambulances.”
The helipad project could be implemented once it is approved by the BBMP Council at its monthly meeting.
“I have already directed the BBMP commissioner to prepare a detailed project report (DPR) and discuss it with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).
“The eight helipads will be named after former mayors who served the city,” Raj explained.
The service will be extended to VIPs. “More often, when traffic is blocked for VIP movements, normal traffic is affected. When the President or prime minister come visiting, they could opt for a helicopter ride from the airport to a helipad in the east zone near the Raj Bhavan,” he said.
Each helipad can be built on four pillars raised on a 40X60 plot of land. These landing sites will be equipped with elevators and other facilities to help seamlessly shift patients to the nearest hospital.
However, these structures will have to be approved by the DGCA for their structural strength and safety.
12/11/17  Deccan Herald