Monday, November 06, 2017

AAI commissions ILS at Chennai Airport

Chennai: The Airports Authority of India in pursuit of augmenting the air navigation services for safety of the aircraft and travelling public has replaced the existing Instrument Landing System (ILS) at Chennai International airport at a cost of Rs. 5.0 crores.
The ILS provides the necessary guidance to the pilots while they approach for landing at the runway. The state of the art equipment is manufactured by M/s Indra Navia AS, Norway. The new ILS will facilitate smooth landing of the aircrafts at Chennai Airport even during rain, low clouds, smog etc. and provide an improved guidance to the Aircrafts.
The new system uses an antenna which is highly directional “Wide Aperture Log Periodic Antenna Array [LPDA]” system. This antenna system has also mitigated the coverage restrictions of old ILS, thereby, providing guidance to the aircraft to a much lower height with improved precision and enhanced safety during landing phase of the aircraft.
06/11/17 ANI/