Saturday, November 04, 2017

Air India unions hold anti-privatisation meet

The Air India Unions Joint Forum Against Privatisation today reiterated its demand to retain the carrier in the public sector saying the sell-off move comes at a time when it's making progress on all operational and efficiency parameters.

It termed the move as a bid to "nationalise losses and privatise profits".

The forum, which met here today, represents the seven employees and officers unions. It comes two days after the Bombay High Court stayed the AI management bid to stop the meeting of the unions.

The meeting also decided to organise a national convention in Delhi later to chalk out future strategies to further strengthen their opposition to privatisation.

Terming the Niti Aayog recommendation as "arbitrary and against national interests", the forum said the planning body has "acted as a vested interest to help corporates, both domestic and foreign."

Blaming the government for being against the AI, they said it must end its anti-Air India policies that have, in fact, led to the financial mess that the carrier is facing now.
04/11/17 PTI/Economic Times