Saturday, November 11, 2017

Australian businessman held at Mumbai airport with banned satellite phone in India

Mumbai: Sahar police arrested an Australian national for trying to fly with a satellite phone found in hand baggage on Thursday. The suspect, Carton Peter (58), a businessman was about to take a connecting flight to Indore from the Mumbai International Airport when the immigration officials stopped him at the immigration check. Police arrested Peter and asked him to be present before the Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate Court on Friday where he was granted bail.
Peter, who is on a business tour reached Mumbai airport on Friday from other country and was supposed to take a flight to Indore when he was stopped by the CISF officials during the security check. "The CISF official got suspicious on seeing some instrument in Peter's bag that was put for X Ray scan. The officials alerted his senior officer and showed the satellite phone and handed over to the police for further probe," said a police officer of the Sahar police station.
Lawyer Prabhakar Tripathi said his client was not in knowledge that satellite phone is banned in India. "He honestly replied to the official during the immigration check at the airport when asked that it is a satellite phone. He has come to India on a business tour," said Tripathi. Peter has been booked under the Indian Wireless & Telegraph Act. He has been released on Rs15000 bail.
11/11/17 Narayan Namboodiri/Times of India