Monday, November 13, 2017

Bio-metric access at Madurai airport

Madurai: The Madurai International Airport will be better secured soon, with the implementation of bio-metric access control system. Once, the system is in place, employees can enter into each zone in the airport only after stamping thumb impression in the system installed at the entry points.
At present paper based Airport Entry Permits (AEPs) is in use. AEPs would be manually checked for authorization and allowed by the security personnel. There are many departments working together at the airport and not all are allowed to access all the zones. In the AEP system, there will be markings on the individual's ID card specifying the zones where he/she is allowed. Whereas in the new system the information about authorized person in each zone would be preloaded.
"Apart from the staff from more than a dozen departments, there would also be outside workers engaged on time to time basis. In such cases, the system can be customized to provide access to them as well," said an authority from the airport.
Similarly, there would be ID for the vehicles too. A sticker would be pasted on the vehicles, which can be read by the radio frequency identification system, to authorize the entry.
13/11/17 Times of India