Monday, November 13, 2017

Businessman falls prey to Airport Negligence

Businessman Santosh Rohra had gone to domestic airport for boarding a flight to Chennai on Sunday morning. Later he proceeded towards the airport check-in and since, Santosh was feeling thirsty he purchased a bottle of water of Bailey brand from Royale Sweets Savouries & Souvenirs shop located inside the airport. After drinking a sip of water he started feeling uneasy and felt the presence of chemical in it which according to him smelt like kerosene. He then consulted the medical officer inside the airport premises and doctors stated that his blood pressure rose above the normal level. The officials also asked him to refrain from boarding the plane as his health condition was deteriorating. Santosh noticed that two labels of batch number and manufacturing details were printed on the bottle. Subsequently he registered an FIR against the shop with Sahar Police Station.
When AV spoke to Santosh Rohra he said, “If they can’t take care of the products being sold inside the premises, it is just an incident due to negligence of the authority. It is shameful that Airport Authority of India (AAI) failed to appoint trusted vendors and allowed them to sell contaminated water despite charging 5-10 times more than the actual value. Since, I didn’t board the plane, I missed an important client meet in Chennai and my business incurred heavy losses.”

Champaklal, Medical Officer, Mumbai Airport said, “Mr Santosh had bought a bottle of water from an outlet located inside the airport premises. When he started drinking, he realised that the water is impure, also sensed a smell of chemical into it and he didn’t consume it. Such contaminated water can cause severe health hazards. He has taken a right step to raise his voice.”
12/11/17  Afternoon Voice