Monday, November 13, 2017

CAPA India forecasts manpower requirements for Indian airlines

CAPA India issued a forecast for manpower requirements for Indian airlines, forecasting an increase in total commercial airline staff from 63,984 in FY2017 to 156,198 in FY2027.

Total airports and airspace staffing requirements are expected to increase from 129,006 in FY2017 to 266,488 in FY2027.
Currently, India has 6772 commercial airline pilots, with this forecast to increase to 16,802 positions by FY2027 it would need 16,802.
The growth in demand for cabin crew jobs will be more than double from the current 11,000 cabin crew positions to 26,325 by FY2027.
Demand for maintenance engineers will increase from 14,220 to 34,972 position, according to CAPA estimates.
Manpower requirements in airport operations and management is forecast to increase from 37,150 to 62,304, with an increase in ground handling positions from 31,252 to 61,194 and in cargo/warehousing from 20,021 to 32,613 positions, according to the CAPA estimates.
ATC/CNS manpower requirements are forecast to increase from 5,406 to 14,000.
Overall, CAPA India noted that in the next 10 years, India's aviation market will generate close to 2.6 million direct, indirect and induced jobs.
12/11/17 CAPA