Sunday, November 26, 2017

Gold worth Rs21 lakh seized from 2 Sri Lankan women

Chennai: Customs officials at Chennai airport on Friday night detected another new modus operandi of gold smuggling. Two Sri Lankan citizens tried to bring in gold anklets and chains which were coated with copper and white colour to dodge the officials. The officials seized 692 gm of gold worth Rs 21 lakh. The gold was of 24 karat purity as per the government approved gold valuer.
Hemamalini Muthukumar, 32, was coming from Colombo via Sri Lankan airlines UL 123. She was stopped at the airport by the officials on suspicion that she might be carrying gold or other contraband. On checking, it was found that she was wearing a gold chain coated with copper colour concealed around her neck under her closed-neck dress. Two anklets coated with white colour were also concealed around each ankle, beneath her jeans. After removing the coating, the gold weighed 432 gm worth Rs 12.8 lakh.
Another passenger, Keshitha Jeyakandhan, 21, who arrived in Chennai from Colombo on the same flight, was also intercepted at the exit of arrival hall. She had concealed gold anklets coated with white colour around each ankle beneath her jeans. The gold weighing 260 gm is valued at Rs 7.7 lakh after removing the coating.
Sources said both passengers were frequent flyers to India and they could not bring gold as per the Customs Act. "Such high purity gold is smuggled into India to get a high price in the local market," a source said.
25/11/17 Times of India