Thursday, November 09, 2017

Increasing smog makes airfare soar

Lucknow: Amid reports of accidents on Lucknow-Agra Expressway following low visibility due to fog, people have taken to booking flights between Delhi and Lucknow. As a result, airlines have jacked up fares by almost five times.
The IndiGo flight 6E 6528 from Delhi to Lucknow for Friday , for instance, saw its air fare soaring to Rs 15,000 per person. The same flight, which takes off from Delhi at 7.40pm, cost between Rs 2,500 and Rs 3,000 on ordinary days.
Likewise, the 6.30pm Air India flight between Delhi and Lucknow scheduled for Friday had its fare going up to almost Rs 16,000. The 2.45pm GoAir flight (G8-210) saw fares going through the roof by Thursday evening from around Rs 3,000 to Rs 17,000 per person.
City-based tour operators said the rise was quite unprecedented.
"Low visibility on AgraLucknow Expressway is certainly one of the reasons,'' said Vimal, a tour operator.The air fares, operators said, typically shot up as videos of accidents on the expressway were widely circulated.Travel agents also attributed high air fares to hectic political activity in UP because of local bodies elections.
09/11/17 Times of India