Saturday, November 18, 2017

Indigo agrees to settle lawyer family's baggage loss complaint

Mumbai: Four days after Mirror reported about a legal notice sent to Indigo Airlines by a city family trying to seek compensation for loss of a suitcase containing expensive goods, the airline on Friday agreed to a settlement on terms set by the complainants. In an email sent to the Bahl family, an Indigo executive said the airline would transfer Rs 35,000 to the account of Peppino Bahl whose baggage - containing foreign chocolates, clothes and perfumes to be given to her brother Zico - was lost after a Mumbai to Delhi flight on October 1.

"The email says that they wish to settle the matter, and after we sign the settlement agreement, they will transfer the money to my daughter's account. I have communicated that we will accept it," says Anil Bahl, Peppino's father.
Peppino realised her bag is missing after failing to find it at the check-in bag collection point. Suspecting that the suitcase was stolen by one of the baggage handlers, the family had demanded that the airline show the CCTV footage of the conveyor belt but the airline refused to do so citing security concerns. They later offered a compensation of Rs 4,550. With the airline refusing to budge further , Peppino's father Anil Bahl and also wrote to DGCA seeking grounding of the airline for three months in the wake of series of incidents of insensitivity towards passengers, including the assault on passenger Rajiv Katyal at Delhi airport.
18/11/17 Satish Nandgaonkar/Mumbai Mirror