Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Ingenious plan to smuggle Rs 26.34L-worth gold foiled at city airport

Coimbatore: Looks like the city airport has become the favourite port of entry for gold smugglers, who are using innovative ways to bypass customs scrutiny. A Kerala-based man, who attempted to sneak in 878.21 grams of gold worth Rs 26.34 lakh from Sharjah by making a paste of pulverised gold, which he applied on his calves and hid them by wearing casts, was arrested at the airport on Monday.
He was identified as 38-year-old H Abdul Kareem, a native of Nilambur. "An Economics graduate, Abdul was working in the United Arab Emirates as a computer operator for three years. Later, he started a cleaning service firm in Dubai, which employed four workers. As the business suffered a loss, he decided to make money by smuggling gold," a customs official said.
Abdul borrowed money from his friends in Dubai and bought gold ingots, which he pulverised. "He mixed the gold particles with a chemical paste, applied it on his calves and covered them using bandage. He then wore casts over them to make it appear he had suffered fractures," the official told TOI.
He reached Coimbatore around 4.30am on an Air Arabia flight. "There was no specific information about him and the smuggling was detected during routine frisking. As a similar case was reported from Bengaluru airport recently, we immediately recognised the modus operandi," the officer added.
07/11/17 Times of India