Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Jet fuel price up over 2%

Mumbai: While from November 01, 2017, now airlines will be charged ATF prices of Rs 54,143 per litre in New Delhi, Rs 58,478 per litre in Kolkata, Rs 53,430 per litre in Mumbai and Rs 56,934 per litre in Chennai.

Highest increase was made in Kolkata and Chennai at Rs 1,141 per litre and Rs 1,164 per litre, respectively. Meanwhile, in New Delhi and Mumbai fuel prices were hiked by Rs 1,098 per litre and Rs 1,112 per litre respectively.

For international airlines, ATF is set at $584 per litre in New Delhi, $629 in Kolkata, $592 in Mumbai and $594 in Chennai.

For airlines operating in India, ATF, lease rentals, maintenance and employee benefit expenses account for over 70% of their cost.
01/11/17 ZeeBiz