Saturday, November 04, 2017

Low visibility hits flights, planes grounded for 5 days

Ludhiana: The low visibility due to smog has severely affected flight operations from the city, as all flights have been cancelled from the Sahnewal airport for the past five days. This has raised questions over flight operations from the city, as visibility is expected to be below the level considered a must for landing.
Airport officials said that after the change in flight schedule for winters, not a single flight has operated between Delhi and Ludhiana. They added that whereas the flight between Ludhiana and Delhi was cancelled due to low visibility on October 30, November 1, 2, and 3, no flight was scheduled for October 31.
Reliable sources said the flight on Thursday was cancelled as the visibility at Sahnewal airport was 1,200 metres, against more than 2,000 metres required for landing. They added that before Thursday, the visibility at the airport was around 1,000 metres, which made the flight landing impossible. Airport officials said before the change in schedule in the last week of October, occupancy of the 70 -seater flight was around 60 from Ludhiana, and 55 from Delhi. They added that even during the past two days, even as the flight was cancelled, the number of passengers from Ludhiana to Delhi were 47 and 64, and the number of passengers from Delhi were 38 and 59.
04/11/17 Shariq Majeed/Times of India