Thursday, November 23, 2017

NDA govt saved over Rs 12,600 crore in Rafale deal

New Delhi: The Rafale deal negotiated by the Modi government resulted in a substantial 350 million reduction for 36 aircraft in flyaway condition as compared with terms that were being considered by the UPA and there is a further 1,300 million saving for weapons, maintenance and training.
Refuting the main opposition Congress's allegations+ that costs for acquiring the French fighter ballooned under NDA, well placed sources said a comparison of aircraft being purchased in flyaway condition shows savings adding up to a tidy Rs 12,600 crore and also pointed out that there had, in fact, been no deal under UPA.
Congress spokespersons have alleged a sharp and unexplained increase in cost of manufacturing after NDA assumed office which meant the government could only afford to buy 36 aircraft without much-needed transfer of technology. The opposition suggested that cost per aircraft rose from Rs 526 crore to Rs 1,570 crore and said the government was uneasy over sharing data.
23/11/17 Rajeev Deshpande/Times of India