Friday, November 17, 2017

New scanners at Delhi Airport 'sensitive' to sarees, jewelry

The Delhi Airport has a new scanner that is "sensitive" to Indian attire. It will produce X-ray images to detect contraband concealed on the body.

This means you'll no longer have to remove clothing, shoes or mobile phones while being screened.

Earlier, CISF had to battle false alarms triggered by Indian outfits like metallic embroidery on sarees, mangalsutras and jewelry.

Here's all about it.
Sarees have been an unexpected problem in security. Unlike other clothes, they have several layers, and machines often beep in case of metal and glass work.

Prosthetics and plaster casts were an issue with the differently-abled.

The Bureau for Civil Aviation Security has been testing different scanners to address these.

Machines were brought from America and Germany, but none achieved satisfactory levels of efficiency.
A Russian scanner has now cleared trials with dummy passengers. Trials with real flyers are expected to begin by November end.
Unlike the current ones, it won't trigger an alarm but will produce X-ray images for the screener, who will then decide whether to halt a passenger.
17/11/17 Gogona Saikia/NewsBytes