Thursday, November 09, 2017

Party puts a leash on airport

Dum Dum: A phone call from a Trinamul leader allegedly nixed a recent attempt by the airport authorities to rein in contract workers who have turned the integrated terminal into their fief.

A senior airport official said the "intervention" happened after a female member of the housekeeping staff assigned to washrooms in the domestic departure area had been penalised "for being drunk at work".

She and her husband, also an airport worker, are affiliated to the Trinamul union for contract staff.

"She had been creating problems and we asked the contractor to deduct a day's wage from her salary. But a Trinamul leader called and told us that it was wrong to do so because she had at least reported for duty," a senior official said.
The Trinamul leader suggested that the worker be let off with a warning.

This is not the first time that a Trinamul-led workers' union has pulled strings to protect those who have turned the airport into a tout's paradise and a passengers' nightmare.

Metro had reported on Tuesday how trolley retrievers-turned-touts lie in wait inside the terminal to prey on arriving passengers, especially in the international section. Outside the terminal, taxi drivers try to fleece passengers in the absence of strict police supervision at night.

Airport officials said their hands were tied but Trinamul MP Saugata Roy, who is the chairman of the Calcutta Airport Advisory Committee, denied that there was any pressure on them to go easy on errant workers.
09/11/17 Sanjay Mandal/Telegraph