Thursday, November 23, 2017

Quick response recorded at Juhu airport mock drill

Mumbai: An emergency  mock drill conducted at Juhu airport on Wednesday, supervised by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), saw a 20 second response time from the airport authorities in reacting to a situation, which was termed as “surprisingly quick”.
“There was effective co-ordination between the respective forces during the drill at Juhu airport on Wednesday. The response time, which means the time taken for the concerned parties to be present at the accident site, was twenty seconds. This is surprisingly good,” said a safety official from the DGCA team who inspected the mock drill at the airport.
S K Bandgar, assistant divisional fire officer, however, said things could be improved further. “Sufficient communication system should be developed between the security forces guarding the airport and ambulances that reach the site. The security force at the main gate of the airport did not have a walkie talkie with them. Also, there should be more than one emergency vehicles to guide other vehicles in line to reach the accident site,” he said.
Senior officials from the fire department also suggested that airport authorities should carry out mock drills without giving them prior information about the time of call. This could improve their preparedness for a reaction to the incidence. “Officials are informed in advance to sensitise them better on the incidence. The ambulance moving from the Juhu airport was provided with a walkie talkie to communicate with others. These are only suggestions and a report would be prepared by the DGCA on the scope of improvement at the airport,” M K Bimal, Juhu airport director said.
23/11/17 Indian Express