Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Residents oppose acquisition of land for airport expansion

Residents of Pattathammal Street situated near the international airport here have stoutly opposed the acquisition of their lands by the revenue authorities for the airport expansion project on the grounds that it would severely affect their livelihood.

Several families situated in the street falling under the 37th ward publicly expressed their ire against the proposed move to acquire their lands by staging a ‘waiting agitation’ along the Tiruchi – Pudukottai National Highway near the airport all through the day on Monday.

The residents resorted to this step following failure of talks convened by the revenue authorities on Saturday to discuss about the acquisition of their land for the airport expansion project.

A section of residents who took part in the meeting which was also attended by officials from the Airports Authority of India and the City Police refused to accept the decision of the revenue authorities regarding land acquisition.

Several men, women and children totally numbering over 1,000, sat along the highway near the airport during the day-long agitation and made it clear that they would continue to stay put at the same place.
M. Vinayagamoorthy, an AIADMK member who has been residing in the street since his birth said the residents came to know about the move to acquire their lands for the airport expansion project only after issue of a notification in a vernacular daily a few months ago.
07/11/17 The Hindu