Friday, November 24, 2017

Sunny Leone, husband, complain about Jet Airways flight delays

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Sunny Leone and her husband, Daniel Weber, took to Twitter today to complain about delays experienced on four Jet Airways flights this week.
"Seriously, it's crazy the amount of delays @jetairways is having everyday. Was on a plane all week and usually only with Jet (Airways) but everyday was delayed at least by 1 hour. Ruined my week of sleep (sic)! Something needs to be done," Leone wrote in a tweet.
Her husband, Daniel Weber, posted that he received a call from the airline's customer care who sought to blame the airport instead.
"Call from @jetairways this morning to me after a complaint about 4 flight delays this week -- sir, it is the airport's fault , not the airline's, don't be mad at us !... Good response @jetairways," Weber wrote.
Weber told that the four flights included two from Delhi and a flight each from Mumbai and Ahmedabad.
"Jet Airways is always late," he claimed.
Jet Airways, however, did not comment on the matter.
24/11/17 PTI/Times of India