Saturday, November 11, 2017

‘They touched me inappropriately,’ woman alleges Air Asia staff of mid-air sexual harassment

Days after Indigo misbehaviour incident, a woman has alleged that three male Air Asia staffers molested her in Bengaluru airport.

The 28-year-old, who boarded a Ranchi-Bengaluru flight on November 3, has filed an FIR against the Air Asia staff for misbehaviour and sexual harassment. “The cabin steward scolded & touched me inappropriately,” the victim told ANI.

According to the victim, the alleged staff members harassed her onboard as well in the Bengaluru airport runway. She said after complaining about the unhygienic condition of the aircraft’s washroom, the Air Asia staff misbehaved with her and threatened to deboard her.

“I found toilet of the aircraft dirty & complained. The cabin steward scolded & touched me inappropriately. He also threatened to deboard me. Air Asia staff at Hyderabad supported him. They even humiliated me before the police,” the victim said.
11/11/17 Bill Cooke/Gears of Biz