Monday, November 27, 2017

Trying to sneak in cigarette lighter at airport? You may land in trouble

If you are trying to sneak in lighter at the airport, you may even end up even missing your flight next time. Though carrying lighter on flights is prohibited in India, but some passengers manage to dodge checking at the airport and board flights, taking them along. 

The CISF is responsible for the security of airports across the country and often have to control passengers who have turned unruly mid-air. So far, the CISF used to take written apology from the passenger but looks like the incident in the pasts continue unabated. The CISF has now decided to hand over such passengers to the local police in order to deter travelers. "This way we are trying to deter the passengers from sneaking in lighters. If a lighter is detected in a bag, we will confiscate it and let the passenger go but if we feel that passenger is deliberately hiding it, we will refer the matter to the police," Hindustan Times quoted a CISF officer as saying.
The police will register an FIR and only maintain a diary entry of such incidents. It has been found that the passengers sometimes carry a matchbox or lighter which does not get detected in the hand baggage. Even the aviation safety experts and crew members have also expressed apprehensions about lighters making their way into the cabin, and said this may pose a great security threat to the aircraft.
27/11/17 Madhuri Adnal/One India